Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Training 
  Where Those That Can Do, and Have Done... Teach!

Where Professionals Are Built

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The Road To Success Doesn't Have to Be Paved with Mistakes

At HH4 we train self-motivated over achievers how to be the best in the Air Duct Cleaning Industry.  Text books, YouTube Videos, and Instruction Manuals for air duct cleaning machines can be a good starting point for rookies, but we train pros here.  We make you a professional in the field.  You will work along side HH4 Certified Techs and trainers on real projects to get real results.  Knowing the difference in parts per million by single digits to determine clean breathing environments is really nice.  It's sweet and cute even.  Do you think customers care about that?  They want results.  We will teach you that.  We will Show you what to do, and what not to do.  We will teach you how to make adjustments in the field so things don't go wrong, and when they do, you have answers.  Customers need real professionals, and will pay for it.  Bring some tools, an open mind, and a dream.  We will make you successful!


Learning to be one of the best in the business is a commitment.  You have to come to us and work along side us on real projects.  Different tuition packages are available for different types of HH4 Certifications.  If you want one-on-one training with real pros, give us a call.  We are located in beautiful Sarasota FL. home of Siesta Key the number one beach in the world, and the largest millionaire per capita county in America.  We can arrange lodging for qualified applicants for their 3 week term in our program. 

You Are More Than A Number

Our training is for people who are passionate about this business.  Our selection process for those who will work hard to become HH4 Certified Contractors is pretty involved.  We have to be able to trust that you and your company will do what is best for the industry at all times, and that you will abide by our code of ethics as long as you carry our certification.  The tuition fees don't out weigh the cost to this industry if Certified Contractors don't practice daily what they are taught in our programs.


Tools Make A Difference

Choosing the right tools for the types of Air Ducts or Dryer Vents your company is going to be cleaning on a daily basis will save you so many headaches.  We show you everything.  We will give you access to try several types of tools in the field so you can pick what you like before you buy.  Air Duct Cleaning Machines cost thousands.  Don't get stuck with the wrong one because their add had you believing in their dream.  To be honest with you, even the best machines on the market are designed to fail, so you will buy more in the future.  We modify machines, and work with you to build a maintenance schedule for your tools to make them last.  We will teach you to do the same.  Just another way our training program pays for itself.

Setting Up Your Business for Business

Our staff is dedicated to constantly refining our invoicing, payroll, collections, email blasts, scheduling, database construction, customer reach out programs, cross over marketing, branding, etc.  Take a few of our business builder courses and learn strategies to make money every week, not just during seasonal booms.

First Impressions Are Everything

We can teach you how to make a lasting first impression, and use your company's image to bring in more business.  Signs, cards, invoices, logos, slogans, marketing materials, and more can make or break you. 

Promotional Materials and Marketing Materials

Our affiliates and founders have used every type of marketing media available to our industry.  People who sell marketing promise the world, but seldom deliver.  If you spend $10,000 per month on marketing, and only make $10,000 in sales, then you worked all month for free.  It is much better to have a month off and not make money on your terms, then bust your tail for free.  By no means is it acceptable to blank out for a month, but if you do, then do it on your terms.  It is better to spend $0 on advertising and make $10 then to spend $20,000 on marketing and earn $20,010.  We know Ads.  We know advertising companies.  We can show you how to work with them to get cost effective trials to test out a medium.

Don't Be One of "Those Guys"

The Air Duct Cleaning Industry is one that has a dark shadow cast over it from poor work performed by unlicensed, underhanded, dirt bag companies around the country.  This business can be everything you want and need it to be when choosing it as a solid career path.  If you are serious about getting into this industry by hitting the ground running, then give us a call and schedule a conference call with one of our instructors today.